The letter from the President

The letter from the President

The sewer project is near completion. Your Board has been working with BMJ Engineering and Worth Township this last year on identifying areas that need to be restored to their original state. Most of our common areas have been restored and we continue to work with them until all areas are completed. DEQ will be announcing their Sewer Hookup Recommendations and we will post via Facebook and on the website when we know more details.

We have added dirt to the top of our park banks and will be seeding this spring. There are two parks that have to have more dirt brought in, so hopefully by the time you receive your newsletter – these areas will be done.

You will notice some of our roads have 1 x3” rock on them. This was done to ensure that the roads remain stable. Worth Township and Sanilac County Road Commission have stated that they will add the proper dirt to the roads after they see how the roads are shaping up. We should have some answers or solutions soon.

The Pump Station is almost done by Lakewood Park. When they give us the “OK, we’re done”– we will finish our restoration in that Park. If you recall, we had the new seawalls put in and never had a chance to complete seeding that park.

The Board has a list of areas that are in need of repairs. We will be working on completing that list this spring. First Lane will be power washed and boards replaced. The same goes for Elmwood Beach steps. If you would like to volunteer to help with our repairs, please contact me at

I suppose you could say that this year is “Clean-Up” year in Huronia Heights. We encourage everyone to help out, clean up our ditches, remove dead wood and please be patient.

Good News is that we are going to be having our 2 special events this year. We have a Golf Cart Parade July 6. Decorate your Golf Cart Parade and join in the fun. I would like to thank Bill Dietz for organizing this event for us. We will also have our Annual Picnic. So far, it will be held at Lakewood Park, however we may have to change it due to access – but we remain hopeful that it will be in Lakewood Park like it has in past years. This year, we will have a Corn Hole Tournament, hot dogs, hamburgers our local corn. If you would like to bring a dish – feel free. I would like to thank Gary Schwesinger for organizing this once again.

I would like to say a very special Thank You to Mickey Dietz. This woman is amazing! She with her husband, Bill, cleaned up all the Flag Pole areas and inside common areas, replaced and planted all the plants that were destroyed from the Sewer Project. If you see her, please thank her.

Finally, I know this year has had it’s challenges with this Project. I know it’s been hard – we had internet come through, new gas lines and now sewer pipes. Huronia Heights is a beautiful place with wonderful people living here – please be patient, let us know areas of concern. We are all volunteers working hard for you.

Hopefully, we will have some beaches and sunshine this year. Check out local events on our website and enjoy your summer.

Kimberly Bizon
President, Huronia Heights

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