A letter from the President

A Letter from the President

We are living in strange days. I hope everyone is safe and well during this COVID-19 Crisis. My thoughts and prayers go out to all those who have lost loved ones and those who are suffering.

Your Board has been meeting virtually every month and will continue to do so. The sewer project is completed and it’s time to hook-up. You can find recommended contractors at Worth Township Hall as well as any updates on their website: worthmi.org

We have had a lot of damage to our bluffs this last year. The Board and I have been monitoring this closely. Last year, we put sugar rock behind the seawall at Birchwood Park. (You can view our parks map online at: HuroniaHeights.com). The sugar rock held up well with the exception of the south corner. We will be putting more rock behind that seawall in June.

Lakewood Park has been hit the hardest this last winter. Our seawall is taking a beating with the high wind, waves and currents. The north end of this park will need immediate attention this year. We will have to install a “Wing Wall” and possibly put some armour rocks in front of that corner. There are other concerns pertaining to the entire seawall – we are reviewing and getting quotes.

These additional costs are causing a strain on our expenses and budget. The board has decided to cancel all social activities due to the COVID-19 social distancing guidelines and to save money. By canceling all events – we were able to save $2500. This did include paying for any flowers for our beautification. All of our flowers were donated this year, so please HELP WATER THEM THIS SUMMER. Special thanks to all who helped plant them this year.

You will see many caution tape areas for our stairways to the water access points. The Board is working on fixing these stairway platforms, so please do not use these stairs for water access until the tape is removed.

You might have noticed last year that we had orange buoys at the end of each of the jetties. These are required to flag structures that are under water. We would like to caution everyone to please be aware of these areas and avoid especially if you have a small watercraft.

I was disappointed to learn that someone choose to cut down shrubs on our bluffs. This is not allowed without Board permission. If you see anyone trimming trees and shrubs in our parks or on the banks – please notify the board. If you feel something should be trimmed – please reach out to the board via mail or email.

This year we have very little beach areas, so we would like all residents to have a Beach/Park Pass. You may be asked to present this pass if you are on one of the beaches.

Finally, I know this year has been like no other year before. I ask that everyone be patient with one another, maintain safe distancing on the beaches and please thank your Board Members and volunteers. They work so hard for you to make Huronia Heights a more beautiful place.

Kimberly Bizon
President, Huronia Heights

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