A Letter From The President

A Letter From The President

Welcome back to the 2014 cottage and warm
weather season. This has been a terrible and
record setting winter. The good thing about it is
that the water level may be higher due to the
snow, and ice cover over the lakes.
There are very few changes in the neighborhood.
The association website is up and running at
www.huroniaheights.com, and Facebook is
This is due to the efforts of our Vice-President
Kim Bizon. We are looking for volunteers to help
maintain these sites. If you are interested or may
be interested, please e-mail us at the website.
We welcome your questions and comments to
the board, and will find any communication to us
very helpful in making our neighborhoods a great
place to live. We welcome complaints or

The Beautification Committee is hard at work
planning for flower planting and general
improvements to the common areas of the

The Grounds Committee is planning to repair
the bluffs and do some tree trimming on the
banks. We ask that you refrain from doing this,
and let us know what needs to be done, so that it
can be well managed.

We have no definitive information about the
sewers at this time. Updates about the sewers
can be obtained from the township officers.
We will be talking about starting a mini-lending
library in the neighborhood. We also have the
option of obtaining a library card and using the
Lexington Library.

If you are planning a large social or family
event, and plan to use one of our commonly
owned parks, please notify the officers and board
members. We would also like to know if you are
planning a large party at your own home so that
streets are not blocked. Parking can be a big
problem on our narrow roads and some
conversation about managing it can help all of
us. Consider also how you will provide rest room
facilities. Maggies’ Septic has been very helpful
to us for the summer holidays, and could be a
solution for you as well. Lakeview Park is not
available for private parties on the day of the Golf
Cart Parade, or on the day of the Annual Picnic.
The General meeting will be held on June 21,
2014. The Annual Meeting will be held on
August 16, 2014. We nominate candidates for
the board in June, and the election of board
members takes place at the August meeting.
Please consider running for office, or joining one
of our standing committees. We welcome your
ideas and your participation.

Bill Dietz

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