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The letter from the President

The letter from the President Last year was a busy one for Huronia Heights. Lakewood Park’s Seawall collapsed, both sides. The repairs exceeded our entire savings and put us at ground zero for operational expenses. The general membership voted to raise our annual dues last August. These costs cover many things – everything from garbage pick-up, common ground landscaping, electricity and park maintenance. This increase of dues was also done to avoid any special assessments for our seawall repairs. We plan to build our savings back up – in case we have any additional expenses that are not foreseen. The new prices are listed to the left and on your invoice. ­­ The Sewer Project is underway as you might have noticed. Please be patient. You can visit for the latest developments. Our common parks and sign areas will be evaluated and hopefully brought back to it’s original state –which.
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Association Fees

Association Fees Every property owner is required to pay an annual association fee based. Payments are due by the 30th of June each year. Property owners will receive a written notice of the amount due one month prior to due date. A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed on any delinquent accounts. The dues are $140 a year for property with a house and additional $10 per lot that is attached. Vacant Property is $55 per year. The association fee covers… • Weekly trash removal (Mondays); Compost materials are picked up twice a month every other Monday. Please mark your trash can with a white “X”. • Lawn Maintenance for our parks and beaches, as well as easements throughout the community.
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