NEW Huronia Heights By-Laws Booklet

We have just updated our by-laws booklet. Please feel free to download one.

By-Law Booklet:

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Here are some general rules, please post in your cottage or home, particularly if you rent to others.
Garbage will be picked on Mondays only. Yard waste will be picked up on Tuesdays.

  1. No animals are allowed on the beach at any time.
  2. All animals must be on a leash even if accompanied by owner or guardian.
  3. Beach and Parks must be cleaned up by the user leaving litter.
  4. No firearms shall be discharged in the boundaries of Huronia Heights.
  5. No person shall trim, cut, or dislodge any trees or shrubs from parks or bluffs.
  6. No person shall solicit door to door for charity without written permit from the board.
  7. No sales are allowed door to door in the property of Huronia Heights.
  8. All motorized vehicles shall travel roads at speed specified by posted signs.
  9. Motorists shall yield right of way to all adult and children pedestrians on the right of way.
  10. Any bonfire must be supervised by an adult.
  11. No one under the age of 16 without an operator’s license may operate a motorized vehicle in Huronia Heights subdivision. This includes golf carts and motor bikes and go carts.